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Our Team

Key staffs:

Cresco Solution employs over 20 professional staff in Afghanistan. We employ 70+ women in the company mostly working on various projects around the country. The key staff of the company are as follows.

Maryam Ghyasi

CEO – Managing Director, Jobs.af

Maryam Ghyasi holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and has been very influential in the growth of Jobs.af – Largest Employment Service Provider in Afghanistan. Her focus is on developing new products and services particularly focusing on helping women in the employment field in Afghanistan.

Husen Daudi

Vice President

Husen Daudi manages all the ERP implementation projects at NETLINKS Solution. Prior to joining NETLINKS, Daudi was lead developer with OpenERP Belgium being one of the highest contributors towards the development of world standard ERP Solution. Husen has a master’s degree in Computer Applications from India. Husen has over 7 years of experience in ERP Implementation.

Hashmatullah Noori

Project Manager

Hashmatullah Noori is project manager at Cresco Solution. He has a 10 years of work experience in different areas of developing curriculams and training plans He was working with the American University of Afghanistan (AUAF) for past many years.

Farshid Ghyasi

Project Advisor – CEO NETLINKS Ltd

Farshid Ghyasi graduated from International Islamic University Malaysia with a first class Bachelors of Management Information Systems degree and completed his masters in E-Business Management from International University of Japan. Farshid Ghyasi has his core expertise in IT Strategy, Policy Planning and Enterprise Resource Planning solutions. He began his career working with United Nations Development Programme on ICT Projects in Afghanistan.

Mr. Farshid started NETLINKS back in 2006 and so far helped develop and implement some of the most critical business applications in the country.

Mr. Farshid is co-founder of Mobile Government Consortium International, a UK based research organization on mobility and governments and a founding member of National ICT Alliance of Afghanistan (NICTAA).

Abdullah Inayat Stanekzai

Business English Writing Trainer

MS Management Sciences, MBA (HRM), BA Economics & Political Science, BA English, Diploma in English Language, Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Diploma in International Business Communication, Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Business Administration, Diploma in Human Resource Management, Diploma in Office Management.

Has performed jobs as Professional Business Writing Trainer, Senior Lecturer, English Language Specialist, Academic Advisor, English Language Editor, and English Language Senior Trainer with MoFA, IARCSC, USAID, UNDP, WB, Dunya University, Kardan University, DIS University, ZICS, & KELC/SDO for almost ten (10) years.