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We know that, in this era of globalization and intense competition, businesses realize the need for English language in business world. Whether they are a large multinational corporation, entering new markets through joint venture, or managing their subsidiaries around the globe; it is vital for an organization to communicate effectively through English language to succeed in business world.

The training sessions are well designed for both groups and individuals based on need of your organization. These tailored language training courses will benefit your organization’s employees to communicate both verbal and written in a more professional way.

How to Learn English

English Language Training

With 10 years of excellence with Government, NGO, international organizations and private companies, we have gained the experience to prepare sales managers to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of professional and effective proposal writing that indicate professionalism of their organizations.

Our unique proposal writing training allows you to write sales proposals with more confidence, to assess the audience and develop a well convincing proposal to be conspicuously different from competitors.

Proposal Writing Training

Proposal Writing Training

In fact, ideal job recruitments, in ideal fields of study is nowadays almost impossible, hypothetically, our labor market includes majority with young and inexperienced workforce in labor market, and there is one that favors to remain in planned fields to experience most out of job satisfaction.

The primary aim of this course is to assist clients in employment related services. Our ERS include coaching, and employment trainers, which supports employees in sustaining employments. Our ERS – Employment Related Services defines our services as empowering clients to work with customers, clients, and societies, which effect their career development as well as their future entries in job market.

Our ERS training services include:

  • Email Etiquettes
  • Job searching techniques
  • Professional Email writing
  • Effective CV writing
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Time management
  • Cover letter writing

ERS – Employment Related Services

    • Employment Related Services

At ICT trainings we deliver both customized and standard ICT trainings with wide range of international standard courses. Our customized and standard training suit both beginners as well as advanced learners to discuss and identify their gap of knowledge through class discussions to excel in career. Our job portal section with high certified clients will support placement of those excelling career developers for further recruitment services.

Our ICT training courses will cover ICT premises, if requested. Our major focus of our services are in capacity development of clients, this mean that our services are enabling companies to embrace change management.

ICT trainings

ICT trainings