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HR – Recruitment Services

Our unique human resource management services enable job seekers to conveniently communicate through print and visual media for job opportunities. We are pioneers in recruitment services. We encourage talents to apply for full time, half time and seasonal jobs using traditional methods and attend the interview in timely manner based on employer’s request, on specified date and specified location. Outsourcing their recruitments to our cost effective services, provides employers a framework to focus on all aspects of human resource management. Our job portal services empower organizations to have access to pool of talented employees through our transparent job placement procedures. This is our responsibility to advertise the vacancies and sort all applicant CVs, to conduct selection procedures and complete formalities. The system, we have designed is a web based system, saves and sorts all applicant’s data, we allow employers to have access to pool of applicant.

Jobs.af is proudly sponsoring the Afghan Embassy in the US regarding placement of talented Afghan Fullbrighters with a range of professional potential job seeker.